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A terrific culinary story

annecyFor a year I tried to travel to France and among embassies, paperworks , work permits , etc., I was about to leave behind that dream. One day , I was called for an interview and it was a Catering Service! ¡C – Gastronomie ! Two days later, I had already solved all my permits and was preparing for my trip . Although full of worries and emotions I left! I went to an excellent education system in France called » alternating education”, in which one studies one day per  week and works for the remaining days of the week. The French government paid for my studies , and my boss paid me a salary; ultimately at the end I would obtain a certificate for: “ professional qualifications in French cuisine : «Cuisine de Terroirs » ( something like native lands cuisine ).

I started this huge catering and I was there for two months. And guess what? They were French chefs … and as such , they honored their stereotype known for being unbearable … Although I learned a lot , the poor treatment they had towards their employees was not resonating with this costarican “ tica” , so I decided to head somewhere else.  I got another job at restaurant in the » boho » Neighborhood ( bohemian ) of Lyon in the Croix-Rousse. Saveurs partagés was definitely, like the name says, a place of shared flavors. There, I immersed myself completely in the flavors of the markets, trying products from all around the world; some fresh flavors and some new flavors of products that had never seen or tasted before. There, I enjoyed cooking for a whole year and a half.

In the kitchen we were two , the French chef -who also made honour to his estereotype quite well- and me. It was difficult for me because I had to adapt to the “French way of tearing people»  and to the long hours that only the cooks can endure. I learned to defend myself, to be alone, to be patient and to accept all the cultural differences that arose. But I got my boss to trust me with his restaurant as a chef and to serve 50 seats! I could not believe it! He trusted me!

That experience in the kitchen had many stages, some I=passive stages, others full of adrenaline , some full of fear, others full of expectations , with lots of curiosity , laughters , solitude , and all which now I  remember with much love. I remember the exquisite music played by the piano, the jazz on Wednesday’s and plenty exhibitions of wonderful artists . A mixture of arts that definitely ravished our senses.

In Europe , every single trip was an opportunity , I fed with their culture and kept its secrets. I loved each and every market , the exquisite handicraft products, the stories of the many passionate farmers about good food. It was amazing! I hope you know what I am talking about and for those who don’t, I hope you can visit either virtually or physically any place in the world that can make you feel that a terrific gastronomical experience.

For now, planning the next one.


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