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A vietnamese love story

I was walking fown the streets of Hanoi ( capital of Vietnam), and I could not stop wondering while these women spoke to me, why women there had black and red teeth? By coincidence, I found a girl at the hostel whom was able to share...

My Experience with the Parrilla Boys

A couple of years ago ,  while in between beers and talking with friends, a business was born: And what if we participate in the BBQ Fest? So, that was how Eduardo and Raúl  passionate for grills started what is now a small business called Parrilla...

Los Parrilla Boys

Hace un par de años, entre varias cervezas y una conversación entre amigos, nació un negocio: “¿Y qué tal si participamos en el BBQ Fest?”  Pues bueno… así fue como Eduardo y Raúl, apasionados de las parrillas empezaron lo que es un pequeño negocio llamado Parrilla...