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A vietnamese love story

I was walking fown the streets of Hanoi ( capital of Vietnam), and I could not stop wondering while these women spoke to me, why women there had black and red teeth?

By coincidence, I found a girl at the hostel whom was able to share with me a tail in regards to my concern.

Once UPON A TIME  there was once couple of identical twin brothers. One of them got married and one given day, after arriving home from work, the husband found his wife hugging his twin brother. She had mistakenly confused them. The husband got so upset wth his brother that he told him so many horrible things that the brother left to cry by the river bank.

He cried and cried and sat on a limestone until he died of sadness and turned into stone. The other brother went to look for him and found his brother had turned into a limestone river rock and cried so much that he turned himself into a tree that grew tall all the way to touch heaven.

In the meantime, the wife was worried for him and went to look for her husband and found a river rock and a tree, and cried so much holding the tree that see became a bindweed attached to it.  Leaves of the bindweed, which hugs the betel tree, beside the river rock.

One good day King Hung heard about this love story and ordered his men to grind the betel leaves, the fruits of the tree and the river rock. A very rich red juice came out of it, as red as human blood. The king dranked the juice and thought it was delicious. Since then, he claimed that for all marital ceremonies people shall chew the betel leaves, along with the betel fruits of the tree and the areca river rock. This practice became a vietnamise ritual since then.  This is why during the times of the dinasty, having black and red teeth was a symbol of power and luxury. We can still see this love story based ritual as of today.

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