DeliArte | From the Ferry Building of San Francisco to the Railway station of Costa Rica
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From the Ferry Building of San Francisco to the Railway station of Costa Rica

DSCN3778San Francisco! The Rollercoaster city, those streets that rise and fall as if they were concrete waves and those Victorian houses that make you want to live in each and every one of them. The three painted ladies who are exposed to the tourists passing by. The authenticity of each neighbourhood… and the huge differences that coexist together.

And the food, oh what a delight! I do not know if it was a matter of luck or it is one of the places in the world where one can eat better. I will tell you about five places where I lived an incredible experience of taste.
The first restaurant was Tacolicious , located at Chestnut St., I loved it, a concept of Mexican food in a bar. It was Impressive to see those ceasing fires amazing us with exquisite and authentic Mexican tacos. Amongst the virgin’s decoration, the Jesus of Mercy, the skulls and catrinas … Eye-catching!

Then I went to see The Castro ‘s. A fascinating aesthetic proposal, these coffee shops with so much art. I decided to eat at The Oyster’s bar. Wow, I wanted to take a picture of every single bite. My choice was an open face crab sandwich with cheese gratin and a little salad. Obviously complemented with a glass of white wine. Delicious!

One day I went to the Jewish Contemporary Museum, when I was literally starving, after battling with my indecision about what I wanted while standing somewhere around the Financial Street, I entered an Italian restaurant. In Delarosa, I was able to taste some scallops in citrus sauce and leeks. Wow! I enjoyed that dish so much while admiring their beautiful kitchen, so practical and very tidy. Next to it; some long tables, which linked the diners and give, rise to for new encounters and meetings!
I tried to go eat the famous Nopa restaurant. But I did not succeed, so I went with the current SousChef to eat at their sister restaurant : Nopalito . Again, some tasty Mexican food in a succulent presentation and a special and warm atmosphere. Here, all I did while I wait for my food was, think when I would return there again. Some roasted chickpeas accompanied us in our delightful experience.

And finally I want to talk about the Ferry Building Market. What a good taste they have! A market filled with informal and diverse restaurants. It’s important to note the variety of the products: olive oils, cheeses, jams, pickles, pastries, all produced mostly in California. A show full of flavors and decorations. And an excellent business proposal from local producers offering an indescribable culinary experience for tourists.

What do you think about something like a Ferry Building Market station in our Costarican Railway to the Atlantic or Pacific station? I’m in!

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