DeliArte | Rustic-chic: the warmth of the past and the charm of the present
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Rustic-chic: the warmth of the past and the charm of the present

mesa-de-postresThe concept of preservation over time with a mix of elegance and innovation, is what keeps us constantly evolving.

Rustic evokes the taste of tradition, home cooking and sharing with the loved ones.

The rustic charm crackles with the wisdom of time passing, reminds us of moments lived. Asks us to not lose ever our esence. Highlights the local. The local of where we are at… Recover what seems to be gone: an old door, a broken window, a rusty frame, an incomplete set of dishes, a mosaic, a fence, a tablecloth, a dry trunk, an old box, grandmas recipes, grasses from the orchard, an empty cage.   

Chic evokes elegance, trends and fashion savvy, details, creative elements, is the art of the present, fresh flowers, seasonal products, recipes in fashion, technology, our today, the creative essence, the presente moment…  

I incline myself towards rustic-chic cuisine and the environment because we live memories hotheads in the present.

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